I made an “almost veggie burger”. Here is my story.

It’s clear that vegetarians hate life and themselves BUT….here is the deal. When making actual vegetarian stuff STOP FUCKING trying to mimic meat, actually make something tasty – THIS PATTY is tasty. It doesn’t taste like near-meat, it tastes great, like a tasty veggie patty and in many cases (at least to me) it tastes better than animal meat.

I added the pancetta thinking the patties will be tasteless (like 99.999% of vegetarian food is) but they were FUCKING FANTASTIC (just barebones). You can actually make a good tasting burger with this vegetarian patty, air fried, with a tomato…and nothing else.


I took a photo and I will buy more….(it’s from Lidl AND both patties were 2 Euros – unbeatable).