Temu is so weird.

I keep buying crap from them and they not only keep refunding my orders (because they think I’m not getting them) but also ADDING 5 Euros extra on my account as a “sorry”. They just don’t understand that shipping to BG gets handed over to my super nice Speedy guy who arrives at my door. Whatever…I don’t care….free shit is free shit.

Don’t get me started on Amazon. NOW THEY FREAKKKINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN have free shipping but not only that…a little screw was missing from one of my mounts so…they refunded me BUT ALSO…they manufacturer refunded me…….THEN sent me a screw.

I also yelled at Amazon why 2 of my orders I had to pick up from the Econt courier office (2 minutes away)…they had no explanation….refunded. Weird.

Also…my cool rubber clubbing shoes arrived….if they aren’t a cool fashion statement, I don’t know what is?

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