Let’s be honest, I’m spoiled…and…

You get that once in a while dish….It’s 1am on a Friday in Bulgaria and I am eating a Black Angus USA delivered steak grilled by Amalia on our little Weber BBQ, on our little balcony. A little char, a little salt and pepper. Rare, gooshy and bloody as fuck with my 10th beer of the day……..this is what food is.

This is the type of bike I almost bought.

An ETZ from the 80s. They are more powerful and built like tanks. But I wanted something with a warranty and cheap on gas. Most of the used bikes for sale here in BG aren’t very well kept up. They are scratched up, cheaply repainted, bent and smell like cigarettes. This one, however, is probably the nicest example I have ever seen. I love it.

OHHH…this bike is over 30 years old. Wrap your head around that.