This must be my very first pre made supermarket sandwich I’ve ever bought in Europe and….

…..Just imagine fresh dark bread, thickly sliced pork leg, super flavorful cream cheese, salami and black olives. Serious mouth-heaven and for around a Euro it’s, once again, impossible for me to understand why everything in this country is “close to free”? This fuckin’ plastic container would probably cost you a dollar in Canada. This sandwich needs to be made (with quality ingredients, this is isn’t your slopwich you will find at a Canadian gas station for 6$), needs to be gingerly assembled, needs to be shipped, refrigerated and everyone wants to make a little buck along the way including the retailer. Ohh….I paid with Apple Pay, those poor, poor fucks want their cut, too. Does not compute in my head….just doesn’t.

Can’t wait to try the other flavors (there are 4 varieties) in the coming years.

Thank you for reading a post about a Bulgarian sandwich.

New pan made especially for cooking on a BBQ. It has Jamie’s face on it so you know it’s expensive.

Joking aside, it’s a super duty pan that will last a lifetime and I bought it brand new from some random lady in Sofia for 10Euros. Shipping was 2 Euro, I don’t understand that.

Super don’t quote me on this but I think at retail (or from his shoppe) this pan costs more than 100Euros. It’s really heavy and I’m happy…and Amalia is happy. BBQ should be here tomorrow.

I generally only share my life’s miliestones with you’all, and this is certainly one of them.

Bezos delivered a new shaver to me today. Did you know when you order products made for ugly babies, the products are generally of better quality/durability and must adhere to slightly higher standards for some reason. This is my new razer designed for ugly babies, it charges through USB (forward and modern), is water and shatterproof. Best motherfuckin’ 15 £ I have ever spent. Thank you for reading this post.