Just in case you are wondering how much an apartment costs in Victoria.

Amalia and I lived just down the street from here in an apartment much nicer than this one (in a small “sub penthouse” type bullshit) just about 7 years ago. (we did have some incredible views from the 12th floor). This aparment is 11 million and isn’t even built yet.  Ohhh..and if you think these cookie-cutter apartments are anything super-special, you would be incredibly disappointed.  Sure, they’re nice and cool with pretty views….but not much more. Just the monthly maintenance fee is $2000/month…I could probably rent a whole place like this in Sofia with that type of money. Fuckin’ crazy. I am gonna have a nap now in my chicken-coop sized gypsy Bulgarian apartment with a smile on my face….then go for a 50 cent beer and $2 chicken. People are ridiculous…none of this makes any sense anymore…at all.

I actually know people who don’t earn $2000/month IN TOTAL (from working everyday).

Check out these crazy statistics from my city.

We are taking about a one bedroom apartment rental and nothing more.  Your rent should be about 35% of your income….or less…depending on the quality of life you wish to live.

Funny thing is that….Vancouver isn’t even the most expensive place in Canada…….let’s not even touch some cities on US’s West Coast.

I think I will have a nap now……