Karl Marx street in Easter Berlin.

My Grandma lived on Karls Marx street in Poland. It’s been renamed for decades now, of course. How things change. Just think what’s going to happen to all the Putin street names and statues and signs in the coming decades when people finally realize that he’s the biggest criminal of modern times and the reason why Russia continues to be a 3rd world country drowning in poverty, corruption and sorrow.

Vienna/Bratislava/Sofia Christmas market hopping is now booked.

Leaving in about 2.5 weeks to visit our amazing friends in Slovakia then heading over to Vienna for what is considered the best Christmas market on the planet. If you are reading this and have never been to a European Christmas market – you are SUPER MISSING OUT….it’s like a dream. The food is amazing, everything is so happy with beautiful people and, of course, mulled wine. Highly recommend it….we go to at least 4/year. Hopefully there will be enough time for a quick jaunt to Bucharest, too.