Actual productive Ukrainians took over my local coffee shop…

….and turned it in a culinary experience unlike any other…..

They are still working on the menu but I’ve seen so much wild stuff (home made sausages!!) that I might just end up living here.

Also, I hate to sound so fucking positive….the people who run this place might just be the nicest people I’ve ever met in my life….I am not joking.

Coming back tomorrow, apparently they will have something really fun/new for me.

Ohh..they just opened…so they’re still working on stuff….

Yes, no problem with contactless payments…..of course.

ALSO…I don’t think I’ve ever has sour cream like this…I think it was 150% fat….it was thicker than vanilla ice cream…so crazy-ass…just so fucking tasty….

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Just the best food here. ALWAYS.

1st having creamy mushroom soup plus I mixed some of the insanely flavoured rice inside…..I think I’m gonna die from flavouryness.

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This was one the best drinking parks in Nesebar.

Now they fucking modernized, cleaned it up, and removed all the hobos.

And put a stupid fence around it. I guess the daily child abductions (for sex trafficking, I assume) were starting to be a concern.


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