I had the best fucking day, EVER.

1st summer-feeling day, by far.

Woke up super hungover (but perfectly fine because of water intake!!, yay me)

2 new cat tattoos from Julia…more to come.

Ate incredible food.

Saw a MINT retro Celica.

Stole a Guinness from Flora and drank it at the tattoo shop.

The evening sun looked UNREAL.

Drunk all day like a fucking scumbag.

Cruised around for no less than 7 hours in YES YES 23 degree weather.

Shops opening downtown.

Talked with my ugly sister for a while she gave me a tour of Winnipeg over video. She was actually in a good mood for perhaps..the 1st time.

Serbian grill is open and has more meats (got takeout).

Petted exactly 3472 cats (yes, I counted).

Village party this weekend with my rich and fancy Canadian friends…we’re planning on getting some donkeys for transportation (possibly?).

Got to pet “pretty kitty” for the very 1st time EVER in 11 years (one of my cats downstairs)…then she bit me really hard…..which is absolutely fantastic.

Kelly FINALLY got his visa for Spain and is FINALLY brexiting towards the Spanish coast forever (literally in 1-2 days).

Flying to PL in a few weeks to WW2 museum in Gdansk (and some other fun shit).

Ate a sandwich at Detelina’s (officially my favorite place in Bulgaria with the sweetest people on earth) labeled “roast beef with pickles and tomatoes and mayo”…..it’s essentially like eating jesus.


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I made tortillium yesterday.

Well, made is a bit of a strong word, I made the FUCKING FANTASTIC basil sauce……this was really, really tasty…

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It’s GO TIME..

Cheesy bread I crisped up in air fryer. Pistachio crunch blended with new blender, 2 slices of polish cheese then a packet of mustard covered mortadellium.

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