What a crazy WIN today…

…at McDicks. I have their app (of course) I love McDonald’s and one of their deals today was something called a “Delight Burger”. I swiftly jumped on my bike and visited my favorite location just outside of Sunny (at the Shell station) and OMG was this burger ever fucking tasty….thick and beefy and sooo flavorful, not too saucey, just enough pickles….just as good as you can make it at home. 10/10.

Funny enough 2 more anecdotes.

You are unable to use coupons/app at the actual resort McDonald’s where prices are also (at least) 30% more and…this thing was 2 Euros….really, a solid fucking deal.

AAAND..since I am only eating healthy now, I only got one!!!

…..but also…they didn’t have bacon today, so I was unable to get the “baconed” version. I will be back next week, or tomorrow…

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