Wow, look at Victoria right now.

This is Chinatown in BC’s capital, we lived just about 3 blocks away on Johnson St. in our fancy sub-penthouse (it really wasn’t, I just like saying that…but holy crap that place is probably worth 1.5mil today and it’s a tiny 1 bedroom..but it was fancy and new and super cool).

The little grocery shop on the right had the best pigeon (Amalia still remembers cutting the head off before grilling) and just to your right was the sketchiest take out place with the best ‘duck and rice’ dish in town. Fuck it was dirty there, in a great way, of course, ate there 1-2 times a week.

To the left and just about a block away was Hush nightclub where I spend %92 of my time dancing, doing drugs, DJing, being drunk and obnoxious and making out with very questionable females.