russian hitler is using vengeance weapons against civilians.

just like the original Hitler did against London in WWII with the V1 and V2 rockets (in this case they are using drones from Iran – that’s not going to end well for them either). The similarities are eerily identical. He’s frustrated and angry that he and his drunk buddies are losing – I am now slowly wishing that Ukrainian and NATO forces take back not only Ukraine but occupy the 2 major russian cities. Yeah, fuck them!!

Ohh yeah, did you hear about the rapes and torture and mutilations and murder of civilians? Most stupid russians don’t get to read the ACTUAL real news. You can convince any average russian cretin that the sky is green in about 15 minutes, that’s a fact.

Now just imagine how much money the dumb russians will have to pay in reparations for this mess. All of these fucking losers will be paying for generations as they remain a 3rd world backwater for decades to come….and the russian average monthly wage will remain close to a daily Western wage. That is just too fucking funny.

How a whole fucking nation be so fucking stupid and destroy itself from within and go back in time from the 17th century to the 13 century in a matter of years?? At least most russians with 1/2 a brain left the country years ago.

Did you know the russian federation has been attacking Bulgarian infrastructure now for over a year. Banks, telecom, airports, media, courier and shipping (post office)..hacking and DDOsing major government websites. It’s not in the news (not on the front pages, for some reason) but aside for russian spies already working in Bulgaria for years, russian hitler has started his campaign here in BG.

More here.

I wish the Bulgarian people and the BG government had more fucking balls and get rid all of this russian diarrea that’s been plaguing the government here for decades.

This applies to many other Eastern European countries, too (including Poland). Not just BG.