Whoa trip back was a delight.

So after about 5pm, the temperatures here drop about 1 degree every 2 minutes, add a little rain and the roads turn into an a slippery and slimy muddle. I am happy I have my gear, I am no longer cold, but feeling the traction control and the ABS computer remind me I am just about to get decapitated if I don’t relax is incredibly brain-opening. You have to be sharp and vigilant because even cruising 40kph (or less) in absolutely maddening traffic (Burgas is bumper to bumper, everywhere) can be a mindly affair. Thankfully everyone (strangely enough) drives relatively normally and respectfully. Who would have thought?

Ugly has a stomach ache and has been sitting bundled like this for over 4 hours. I gave her a full LIDL pack of duck and turkey with delicious gravy.

Supposed to be for 2 cats….I warned her.