This is my breakfast…and….

I had just lived through THE WORST NIGHT OF MY LIFE. I had another stupid toothache (that I wish on nobody but Trump and Putin). I was in so much pain that I think I was crying….it just happened for no reason. No was bad…really bad.

Started yesterday..just slowly…so I thought to myself I will find a dentist…but, of course, Sunday..and holidays and everything is closed. ZERO sleep I catch the bus this morning (Monday…nice and warm and sunny..almost there is that) and went to Viva Clinic.

Walked in, the nice lady who knows me immediately told me to go upstairs and knock…I open door…dento-man immediately tells me lie down…he pokes around with his scraper (GRRRT GEERRRRT)…moves some stuff around and fulfills me with a dab of pain killing clove cream. I feel pain gone within a fraction of a second. I pay the 24 Euro bill.

This was exactly 14 hours ago…and everything is still perfect.


Ohhh…I slept all day…it was sooo sunny inside and pleasant….felt like a lazy summer afternoon..but cold out….all 3 cats were sleeping DIRECTLY on top of me….they know when my life is in peril and turmoil.