Sto and I discussed oil and brake pad intervals.

I have a new set of Brembo pads coming even though (I REALLY ride my bike like a chubby little bitch-girl) after a few years, my current BMW (originals that came with the bike) pads are still at 60% good.

So are my tires, they look new…

Nothing makes sense….the whole bike still looks showroom condition. I am actually rather proud of that…

Not bad for literally the cheapest and (apparently) least quality bike BMW sells.

Ohh, as you know, BMW is almost always at the VERY VERY bottom of reliablity scales. They are the Tesla and Jeep of bikes.

It’s wild to see 10,000 MILE intervals on some Japanese bikes – the engine clearances are that good and (more importantly) modern synthetic oils are engeneering marvels.

Thank you for reading this.