OMG…so the new Technomarket…

…In Sunny Beach is officially the most boring fucking store EVER. It’s a small version that mainly focuses on blenders, crappy shit TVs, (think Phillips 32inch TVs for Russian pensioners), $20 routers and Aliexpress type kitchen appliances. Nothing cool.

Ohhh and cables….lots of fuckin’ cables.

I think I would rather visit a toilet store. Too bad!!

But I found a basket at JEEZYCK.

Also went to McAmazingDonald’s…..I am smart shopper…I can install the app and get good deals now….Spent 5 Leva, even I can afford that!!! **AND NOW…since western style training is a thing here..instead of weird scoffing when I ask for something extra…they give with a smile!!!

FREE EXTRA PICKLES BABY… doesn’t get better than that!!