News of the day.

It looks like Honda is at least looking to take the CB350 globally. I have a feeling there is a massive market for this bike from old people exactly like me. Guys who want a sensible, efficient, cheap to ride adventur(ish) motorbike that has all the modern features (FI, disk brakes, electronics) and retain that cool old school look (I love the way this machine looks). Yes, there is LOTS of romance in owning a Honda CB from the 70s and 80s but you end up spending hours a month maintaining and fiddling with it + they are heavy as fuck, hard to start, 3x more on fuel and parts…blah blah..

These new bikes are crazy cheap and reliable and perfect for village cruising and mild off-road farm roads and hills. I am still dreaming of Bulgarian motorbike/tent camping…..I’ve only done it once in my life (on salt spring island).

If this machine is available to me soon….THEN this will be my bike. There is a guy at the Honda dealer in Plovdiv who will notify me when/if they arrive.

There will also be a scrambler version of this little machine…but only spy shots and chitchat…so far.

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