My very 1st Temu purchase arrived today…

…and dare I say I AM INCREDIBLY IMPRESSED. Not just everything is so dang cheap (I mean, it’s just junk, really) but their back end systems and ordering processes and logistics are….dare I say…better than Amazon’s. Everything is soooooo fluid, from their website ordering down to tracking and speed of everything, this is really the future. They are using actual couriers to bring this crap into BG and everything comes straight to my door (in this case it arrived to my security office because I was sleeping like a young giraffe). Astonishing efficiency..

Also my sexy blue wrist rest matches my eyes perfectly.

WOW, AM I EVER IMPRESSED. I have 4 more orders coming with about 20 more items, many cat related.

And yes, I celebrated with ONE beer.

Ohh and, upstairs and new computer and networking stuff is now all set up. This new computer is a fucking powerhouse. JESUS FUCK!!