Midnight chicken in Luton.

Trip is absolute butter, with the flight, Burgas airport, the super fast and friendly bus ride from Sunny to arriving in Luton and getting past 1000s of people (everyone is coming back from their holidays, it’s literally Lutton airport’s busiest 24hours of the year).

I got past passport control somehow with my Bulgarian ID card…maybe she thought I was Ukrainian (crazy 1st class treatment for Ukrainian refugees everywhere I go…which is good..FUCK RUSSIA – FUCKING COCKROACH MURDERERS AND THIEVES!!!…decades of oppressing and stealing from the people of Europe by these pieces of shit is finally about to end…..the country is going back to the stone age and I could not be happier……**remember I was born in Poland…Russia fucked and plundered Poland, too…stole everything and murdered 1000s of Poles for no reason at all….).

Good day.