Istanbul hairs.

I always try to find the weirdest and sketchiest and dirtiest and most out of the way place to het a haircut whenever I travel. Boy did i ever just have the most haircutting-fun ever.

Nicest guy ever. Only used scissors and a comb, nothing electric, nothing fancy. Haircut perfection, artisan. He snipped my eyebrows then proceeded to create this wild concoction at the end of his scissors – a ball of cotton dipped in some flammable fluid…lit it up to quickly burn off my ear hair.

The robe had sleeves.

Then he massaged my head and sprayed my hair and face with lime water. Sooooo nice.

2 euros. I’ll discuss how incredibly inexpensive everything here is. Way cheaper than Bulgaria since Turkey Lira dropped in value so dang much.

This has been easily the greatest hair experience of my life. 10/10.

Actually 1000/1000

I’m so fucking happy. What day.