I understand only weirdos buy chicken breast..

But seriously..listen up!!….if you already have some, marinate them in milk/yogurt/any type of a brine….and some salt and some super basic spices for about 10 hours then put them in the air fryer for about 20 minutes…..THEY ACTUALLY HAVE FLAVOR and melt in your mouth…super juicy..almost weirdly so….(because they are supposed to be dry and flavorless)…the airfyer really ads some outside texture and crispiness… And super little fat and awesome protein if you are into that bullshit.

When they are on sale at Jane’s I can get enough of this food to feed a family of 8 for 3 Euros…

It’s good food…..I ate it too fast to even take a photo….

I did make a side salad..that cost about 50 cents (just need some white vinegar…ALL YOU FUCKING’ NEED).

Thank you for reading.