I made a Turkish pizza.

But that’s a bit of a lie. The bread and the sauce is a WHOLE NEW line of food that Mladost has so I had to tried out. It was in the frozen section in the back. It it so FUCKING TASTY, THE BREAD AND THE SAUCE AND THE LITTLE LAYER OF MEAT….I just warmed it in the air fryer and didn’t get crispy…the bread went soft and refreshing and gummy…fuck sooo good…..you need to sit down or you will die. I just added some lettuce and tomato and some of that Turkish sweet sauce and…if you do the math you can make something like this for wayyy under 2 bucks. The box has 2 of them and I will have the other for breakfast tomorrow with some different fillings…10/10…

Spectacular dining.

If I don’t go to Turkey in the next 1-2 months…I will die.