I have no idea what the future holds for Sunny…

….but things appear to FINALLY lean towards the right direction. I don’t know what the future holds but there is a huge possibility the BG border will be closed (maybe..maybe not…I am speculating) to Russians and Bulgaria is FINALLY marketing the seaside to higher quality tourists with more money and modern tastes. Plenty of new complexes have shifted from those super ugly gold, frully, styrofoam pillars and ugly paintings of people on horses….to crazy ass SUPER modern buildings with high end restaurants, rooftop patios and pools. Higher quality builds, underground parking and proper “western style” service, well heeled vacation goers deserve.

Time will tell…but it’s time to stop marketing Bulgaria to poor Russians and drunken Brits.

So…again, check out this place…just down the street.

**check out that rooftop pool+poolbar….fucking Miami/Vegas style!!!**