I have never seen anything this amazing. This backpack is an engineering marvel.

Countless pockets but it’s also a rucksack with top and side access. The top rolls as needed with a MAGNET and clips (zero possibility of anyone stealing my vintage magazines or cat food). Waterproof and crazy heavy duty (the material is like steel). Seriously just fucking epic….and on the side there is a super protective and cushioned zipper area to hold my strawberries (and other berries) so they don’t get squished. I am so happy.

The rucksack part is awesome because you can expand the bag by more than 50%…perfect on those cheap flights I take. I can fill it just enough for it to fit in the airline metal lobster (where they test)…then after check in…I can open it further and dump the rest of my stuff that I have stuffed in my jacket pockets and on myself.

Ohhh and there is a secret MacBook and iPad pocket against the back..

AND…is there a better color than this?

I am probably the smartest person on the planet…

Ohhh and Birdie LOVES it.