Sorry for no content as of late, I wanted to be completely offline and not upload photos of videos because we just wanted a stupid old-school drunken party trip for a few days with zero focus on anything other than fun, exploration, eating and boozing. Yes, it was that time of the year again.

Varna is incredible, we ate about a dozen sushi orders, ate rare burgers, drank in the park like vagrants, walked for over 50 kilometers (NO FUCKING LIE..we walked for 50K).

Even did some shopping for clothes (my nightmare) had one of the best haircuts ever (not only was the haircut sexy, it was in a basement in one of those under-street walkways..epic 3 Euros). Had the best burrito (we always get it – Mr. Burrito in downtown Varna, right in the park is FUCKING DELICIOUS).

Stopped by a few bike dealers (I am %99,99999999 sure what I am buying) and even had a gander at a few flooring places. Maybe it’s time to do it right this year and get some nice flooring…we have been super cheaping out on the laminate (having to replace it every couple of years is stupid)…no flooring strategy is afoot. Still looking for the perfect design.

It was soooo busy and so fun, we are going back again soon. Out BNB here cheap and comfortable and in the BEST part of town and we really feel like royalty staying in our castle.