Amazon brought me a highly advanced beach bag yesterday. Showcasing it today for the locals.

It’s lighter than a kaiser bun (even with sesame seeds) and folds into one, too. Literally fits into my pocket. It was needlessly overpriced but has a lifetime warranty and appears to be very well made. One pocket for my AirPods, the other for my book and a small morning gin. Don’t need anything more than that otherwise shit just gets lost.

It appears I’m back in the alco-ditch again but I’m allowing myself 100ml or less (2 shots a day). Just a small morning gin-based beach buzz…. THAT’S IT.

Zero beer, zero wine.

Also. I would never really buy this weird camo design but I actually like it. “Funouflage”…..get it FUN CAMOUFLAGE….I should be on Letterman.

Moving on…

Today is a crazy busy day…..I have to find some cool cat and Sunny Beach flair for the new bag. It currently looks so sad and nude.