Air fryer chicken for breakfast.

T-Market sells never frozen chicken now, whole or in pieces….it really tastes like it comes from the village 4km away. It’s CRAZY fresh and plump and incredibly delicious…AND SOOOO CHEAP. I bought 1KG yesterday for 2 Euros. That’s cheaper than sand. Preparing it is NOTHING, a little marinating in pepper and salt and water and teaspoon of soya sauce overnight in the fridge. Next day into beloved (and sexy) air fryer for 25 minutes, shake it every 5 minutes (it’s on WiFi so you get a notification, obviously)….AND YOU HAVE THE BEST AND JUICIEST CHICKEN ON EARTH…..the 2 bucks makes 2 awesome meals.

The airfryer eagerly collects the amazing chicken fats which I used to cook the veggies in and as a mix for the young Bulgarian squished potatoes…jesus FUCK!!! This is ALL just so delicious.

Ohh yeah, wait, I even have some chicken bits for the rats….I mean cats.