The key to strapping stuff on the bike, especially bags, is looseyness.

Try not to make any points stretch as to stress any of the straps. In fact give everything at least 2cm leeway so it can gently shift around without snapping anything. Dry bags are glued and “welded” and pulling on the loops and connection points is not optimal.

More importantly, always use at least 2 completely separate straps/bunjees in case one breaks…3, even better. This prevents any points of failure and your luggage flying off your bike and decapitating (head clean off) a 7 year toddler in the car behind you on the highway.

I must have slept for 10 hours last night, so comfy. Also, did you know Shell stations sell vinyl and CDs, isn’t that cool?

Heading home, responsibilities await…need to feed cats and get ingredients for my Polish feast.