Did you know I was born where the first shots of WWII were fired.

Below is the German battleship Schleswig Holstein firing those 1st shots.

83 years today.

The German battleship SMS Schleswig-Holstein was built in 1906. The outdated vessel, used as a training ship for naval cadets, arrived in Gdańsk harbour on 25 August 1939, on the pretext of a courtesy visit. It moored directly across Westerplatte, with 225 soldiers concealed below its deck.

After the initial barrage from the Schleswig-Holstein had ceased, Wojciech Najsarek, the stationmaster of Gdańsk-Westerplatte station and a voluntary soldier, tried to run to the Polish lines, but was spotted and shot by the advancing marines of a German Naval Assault Company. Najsarek was the first Polish soldier to fall in the Second World War.

The Schleswig-Holstein didn’t survive the War. It was hit by Royal Air Force bombers on 18 December 1944 and sunk in shallow water near Gdynia (then Gotenhafen). After the war, the Soviet Navy patched up the ship and used it as a training target in the Gulf of Finland. The remains of the ship still exist, but lie underwater.

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My Italian trail/trekking shoes finally arrived.

It took me weeks to find the right color to match Birdie’s furs and you must agree, I am spot on. Get it “spot”…that’s an amazing pun. Far secondly, they fit me absolutely perfectly. Vietnam here I come.

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Russian visa hiliarity.

Russia warns EU of consequences over visa agreement suspension, state media says.

Russian on Wednesday warned the European Union of consequences over the bloc moving to fully suspend the visa facilitation agreement between the European Union and Russia, according to state news agency RIA Novosti.

“Violation, circumvention or withdrawal by the EU from the visa facilitation agreement with Russia won’t be left without consequences. We will decide for ourselves whether the measures will be symmetrical, asymmetric or something that the EU does not expect,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko told the news agency.

Primitive fucking morons.

Putin should swiftly and directly reciprocate – it would absolutely destroy the 9 or so people who are craving to vacation in the Russian Federation from Canada or US right now.

The modern world is at war with these awful, violent, russian terrorists – why should they enjoy travel to modern, free and Democratic countries?

Yes, Bulgaria is also at war with Russia….not that hard to figure that one out.


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