Clean your PC and replace your thermal paste at least once a year. Computer fan goes from HRRRRRRRRRRRR…..down to shhhhhhhhhh.

You can use an old toothbrush to clean off the dust, filth and hairs off the mainboard. And contrary to popular belief adding a little bit too much paste doesn’t actually make things worse (this is a last gen i7 Intel NUC board).

Clean or replace the fan and use spray air inside the radiator-thing (it clogs after a year of use, even if you don’t have 2 cats).

6:30am Monday morning. Haven’t slept at all.

We’ve been watching commie era Polish nostalgia videos. They are amazing. I will post some in the coming days. Not drinking booze makes you not want to sleep, you would think it would be the opposite. Blargh.. Sunrise bike ride should be commencing soon….but it’s cold….very cold.

Whoa, so much cooking around here..more than ever, almost.

Buying deli meat in Bulgaria is disgusting (as is most food) but many people just don’t have a choice but eat garbage. With a sous vide machine you can make your own with a lot less salt and zero preservatives (+ it’s waaayyyyyyy cheaper). The best part is you have literally ONE BILLION different combinations of meat, herbs, spices, honey, smoke flavour, savory, sweet, fruity…..whatever you have around the house..just add it and experiment. More than likely it will be delicious. Another upside (the no preservatives part) is that you have to eat your creations really quickly (2 days in the fridge is probably max).

This chunk of pork tenderloin makes enough food for 4 hungry adults (just add a crispy bread and some horseradish/mustard and tomatoes)……it costs around $3 to buy.

In case you are wondering where to buy the best/cheapest sous vide machine – you can order them super cheaply from Amazon UK….I am talking less than $150 (that includes shipping to your door). Some of the fancy ones are over $1000 but you would be a dumbass to spend so much.