Visited Rado today.

Rado has been my friend here for many years, lives in a nearby village house with his wife and kids.  She’s a dentist and he does literally everything from fishing to welding to bui8lding a fiberglass boat to car repair to destructing apartment buildings to making wine and farming his land.  Love visiting him as he loves to daytime drink, share stories and projects.

He also always leaves me with a goodbye gift when I leave his place – today I got a huge piece of pork fat freshly chopped from one of the pigs he recently bought and cultivated.

It was a wonderful day today…super warm and sunny…..gloom coming tomorrow and possibly some drizzle….I need to spend a day on my pouffe and catch up on my Nintendo game, it’s been weeks.

We are booking our May trip to France and UK within the next 24 hours…..REALLY want to take the Eurostar across the Channel Tunnel to London then to Birmingham.

Our UK Canal Tour is booked for 18th of May.

Thank you for reading my blog post.