Very tired;

I am now two days behind with keeping up with my virtual travel diary. We have been so busy, being so crazy that by the time we are back home its usually well after 1AM and my weak body starts to shut down and eyes become loopy. Todays walk down to the Arc and yesterdays magical day on the tower will require some time to sink in. There is so much to say. In addition to figuring out how to insert a bloody apostrophe on this stupid keyboard thereby reducing the grammar mistakes, I will try to find some time to type out something interesting.

We are going clubbing on Friday, for the first time in Paris. ATB and Dave Seaman, praying for anyting other than shitty electrohouse thats has become so popular with the simple folk. Not sure about Marcie but I dont feel homesick at all, c’est fantastique. We booked a nice place in Caen, three more days in la capitale de la France.

Mr.Kat, If you are reading this, we miss you.

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