We hurried back to Paris to catch our overnight sleeper train to
Barcelona. Like the Thalis, this is a fancy train and not only does it
require reservations, it also commands an additional cost. We were on
the fence spending an additional 300 Euros for the super fancy cabin,
with a shower, fancy food and really fancy accomodations. Non rail
pass holders pay 1800 Euro for such luxury, almost 2500 Dollars if you
do the math. Crazy. Sadly they were booked, and initially the ticket
dude told us that the whole train was full. We turned green, we had no
train and no place to stay, still in Fucking Paris. Arghhh. I told the
guy to look some more, after a few minutes he found two separate
sleepers. Girls with girls, boys with boys, separate cars, sadness.
We had no choice, paid the 69 Euro each and were on our way.

We quickly found our train and jumped on. I went one way Marcie the
other. Literally 2 minutes later I was doing Jaeger shots with 3
older, funloving dudes from Norway. I didn't even bother finding my
bunk number yet. One was a hardcore Marxist/communist, the other a
labour party socialist who had a collection of Studabakers and a Jeep
Cherokee, the other a Scotch fanatic. I was blown away. These guys
have been friends for decades and since their company split up were
given a massive severance package, left their wives at home and
decided to travel. I have never met anyone more full of life. We
talked about everything, they new everything, I don't remember having
such a rich conversation.

They had dinner reservations and I had to find my room. OK here goes,
the size of the horseshoe that is firmly imbedded in my ass is an
uncomfortable foot in diameter. I was the only one on the train who's
cabin did not have any other guests. The only one. Holy shit. I made
myself comfortable, setup the iPod speakers busted out some wine,
beers, food and invited this other dude from Australia who's had some
amazing travel stories. This was so much fun. After having a nice
dinner with Marcie on the dining train and inviting the rest of the
crew into my quarters we had a full on train-party till the wee hours
of the night. We got in trouble for being loud and for Marcie opening
the train doors, water under the bridge now. She snuck back into my
room in the middle of the night and it was smooth sailing, well
training from then on.

All this happened 2 nights ago, again the blog timeline here is poor.

We are currently on the best beach in Barcelona, and are here till the
end of the month. Its party time!!!!!!!!

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