Today's destination is…….

Destination Jeep in North Vancouver.

So the lowdown is: both outter tie rods replaced, new pitman arm, center drag link, complete tire balance and toe adjust. When they plugged in the car’s computer the check engine light indicated a faulty EGR valve.

EGR valve explanation from Wiki:

“EGR works by recirculating a portion of an engine’s exhaust gas back to the engine cylinders. Intermixing the incoming air with recirculated exhaust gas dilutes the mix with inert gas, lowering the adiabatic flame temperature and (in diesel engines) reducing the amount of excess oxygen. The exhaust gas also increases the specific heat capacity of the mix, lowering the peak combustion temperature. Because NOx formation progresses much faster at high temperatures, EGR serves to limit the generation of NOx. NOx is primarily formed when a mix of nitrogen and oxygen is subjected to high temperatures.”

Just some bullshit emission control thing, apparently you lose quite a bit of gas mileage when this thing is fucked, glad it’s been replaced. There is still a faint noise coming from the transfer case or the rear diff, it happens very rarely but I know it’s there, they couldn’t find any fault. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like owning this vehicle out of warranty, I might have to get an evening job. Jeep has ranked year after year as the LEAST reliable brand in North America. I still like this car, it’s big, fun to drive and it allows me to drive over anything and anyone. Can’t wait for some warmer weather and top down cruising.

My experience at this dealership has been very good once again, everyone is very helpful, expertly and most of all pleasant. Everything was covered by warranty and my car was cleaned from top to bottom. No money spent.

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