Sorry for no updates as of late, lots is going on but not much really new.

Alisa, Amalia and I are having a blast in Sunny Beach.  Eating Bulgarian food, staying up REALLY late, beach bar hopping and just strolling about.  We haven’t been to any of the big sights yet, we may start playing tourist sometime tomorrow.  It’s very hot outside and hard to spend much time in the sun before 3PM unless you’re submerged ear deep in the pool or the sea.

Our Russian neighbors threw a really fun theme dance party for the kids today, we had mermaids and devils and pirates and plenty of dancing.  I played some Russian kid’s music then ended the rave with some groovy Progressive House.

Came in with low expectations but we all had an absolute blast…

I think we will take Alisa for a huge Nesebar hike tomorrow, rave over the weekend on our beach, take the cool Russian airplane-boat for a day exploring Pomore then spend a day or two in Burgas and Sozopol.

We’ll also pick up our bed from the warehouse in Burgas, it will be ready for pick up on the 8th.

Happy Bulgaria!!!