This goes against everything I stand for but I bought an Apple TV last week. It’s really hard to find new gadgets in this country and this was the only product of its type.

It’s mostly useless but paired with the Apple Bluetooth keyboard (that I also reluctantly bought) it’s great for YouTube parties and awesome for the massive European-trip photo slideshow Amalia is working on.  It streams photos from my laptop onto the big screen and it more or less works as advertised (just need to reboot the unit once in a while, no big deal).

Other than that, it’s slow, cumbersome, and…..doesn’t really do anything else.  Well, it also plays podcasts…..but slowly.

I hope it gets jailbroken soon as it would make a great media center gadget.  It’s tiny, rather sexy, makes no noise and I love the remote.





Did some research and calculated a couple of bills today.  Looks like we will be paying about $30 in electricity and about $2 month for water.  With the $34 monthly maintenance fees (condo fees), $14 internet (just learned this also includes cable TV) and $17 cell plan……we are just under $100/month for everything. 

Ohhhh…the property taxes are $60 a year, I am not joking.

In addition, the building carries a 5 year warranty and as mentioned before, we have a maintenance person who performs warranty repair free of charge (obviously).  There is also has a cleaning lady on staff you can hire for a few bucks to clean up your apartment.

Things are a bit different here than they were in Canada when I owned my place.  Everything is way more relaxed, uncomplicated and overly friendly. 

Ohhhh…one more thing, this is taken from Bulgaria’s government website.

Last update, July 2012.

  • In Bulgaria income of any individual is subject to a flat income tax rate of 10% in 2012.
  • Exemptions are granted to taxpayers with specific types of income.
  • The standard rate of tax for a Bulgarian corporate tax in in 2012 is 10%.



Just can’t get enough of our favourite restaurant.

Today we’re dealing with solicitors, lawyers, people from Russia, four different banks, our awesome real estate agent, locksmith and peephole expert, glassier (we’re getting a little window installed for more ventilation) and many, many more.

A slightly stressful day today but nothing a couple of beers and some crunchy grilled pig can’t solve.