Vegetarian chicken pitas.

Red peppers, black olives, croutons, grilled mushrooms, spinach, sprouts, cheddar and baba ghanouj.

These culinary delights remind me of my drunken après ‘Boom Boom Room’ nights back in my party days.

This used to be my after clubbing hang out spot.


Obama Leaves ‘God’ out of Thanksgiving Address.

President Obama did not include any reference to God during his weekly address titled, “On Thanksgiving, Grateful for the Men and Women Who Defend Our Country.”

His remarks were void of any religious references although Thanksgiving is a holiday traditionally steeped in giving thanks and praise to God.



One of the best comments that was posted on the Fox news site.

“The only nations that still swear undying fealty to superstition are the United States, and those Islamic nations you so ironically detest” 

I am so glad I live in Canada, a country relatively free of religious nuts.

Here we go again.

Another party weekend is imminent.  This time around it’s in Vancouver.  Carrie, Kyle, my Birthday girl and I are jumping into the Jeep tomorrow afternoon with DJ gear in tow to fulfill our DJ obligations at Arek’s fancy art gallery show.  Saturday and Sunday we’re celebrating Amalia’s Birthday West End stylez with champagne, sushi, pho and a daytime of crazy. 

Lets do this!!!!!!!!!!


Whoa, more horseshit.

• Dual coiled necklace featuring Phiten’s patented Auga Titanium technology
• Wear what the pros wear – made famous on the field by Major League Baseball players
Elastomer compound core helps relieve chronic pain
• Available in a variety of colour combinations: black/forest green, black/maroon, pink/white, black/gold, blue/white, and white/black