The media is finally starting to draw parallels between organized religion and organized sports.

(CNN) – Both are managed by male dominated-hierarchies. Both are revered by millions of people. And both allegedly dealt with accusations of sexual abuse of children internally, without going to law enforcement authorities.

To many victims’ advocates, commentators and others, the parallels between this week’s allegations about how Penn State dealt with reports of sex abuse and decade-old revelations about sex abuse in the Roman Catholic Church are uncanny.

“It is really a striking and almost identical factual pattern that has emerged in the Catholic Church cases and at Penn State,” says Jeffrey Anderson, a lawyer who has represented hundreds of American abuse victims in lawsuits against the Catholic Church.

What’s the difference if you’re brainwashed and following some stupid sports team or some imaginary person in the sky.  A sheep is a sheep.  The sex abuse crimes at Penn State University are too horrific to comprehend.