We’re having a Monday night snacking marathon.

Scallops wrapped with bacon, red pepper stuffed with quinoa salad

and feta, summer squash with green beans pancetta and mozzarella.

Mushrooms with rockfort cheese, Italian parsley, pancetta, chestnuts, funky

spices and panko (Japanese bred crumbs). Jalapeno poppers stuffed with

mozzarella and a mix of tempura batter (made with Asahi beer). 


All of this made from scratch!!!!!!!!!!!

Here we go again.


  • Improve Strength, Energy, Balance & Mood
  • Increase Physical Performance
  • Boost Circulation & Metabolism
  • Alleviate Pain & Tension
  • Shipping Included





In a span of just over 2 hours, 45 (YES FOURTY FIVE) really stupid people had purchased this product off the ‘dealfind’ website in Victoria.  Mind boggling.


Somethin’ is a-brewing.

Rave Party Time!!


Victoria summertime.

My life has come to this.

I am currently working on a website for my wedding.  Holy crap.