Blah, blah, blah……Yes, I’ve become THAT person.

Ordered the stickers from eBay.  Check out the correspondence.

Dear lanesworld21,
Hello, we would like the following please:
HOTTIES (girl and guy)
Thank You very much.

PS. If there is anyway for you to make the girls boobies a bit bigger that would be awesome, my wife has really big boobs. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dear amalialovesmatt,
I can customize the hottie woman for you for $2.00 more Thx so much!
Elaine =)

– lanesworld21


Dear lanesworld21,

That is a true bargain, deal.



I made a sirloin burger for lunch.

With capers and onions and sweet chilies.

Somebody needs to get a job.

I almost feel guilty to have to use them.

I know these gorgeous treasures will only appreciate in value.