Boeing Stearman!!!!!!!!!!!

So, yeah…I got to fly this Boeing Stearman WWII era biplane. This exact one was used to train fighter pilots in Canada. The dude I went up with is the owner of the airplane who does tours over Oahu. Incredible dude, he had rebuilt this airplane from scratch and as an FAA tech and a Hawaii airlines pilot does all his maintenance and upkeep. It’s obviously impossible to describe an experience like this with just a bunch of words. We flew over the North Shore and banked over the hills, plantations and waterfalls. The flight was smooth like butter, I couldn’t even tell I was in an airplane. The thing is like a sports car, it banks and dives effortlessly and the view is incredible. This was my 1st experience in an open cockpit plane, the old school gauges, the sound of the prop and the wind. I just get goosebumps thinking about it.