Strollin’ down my street the other day then suddenly……

Obviously knocked on the door and was greeted by a super cool and very friendly French dude who’s been traveling all over Europe alone for the last year.

We grabbed a beer at the restaurant next door and talked about our adventures for almost two hours.  His views on the world were exactly like mine.  We covered everything, from the stupidity of Polish people, the French government, the friendliness of everyone and the common challenges of living the nomadic lifestyle (finding WIFI, electricity, parking etc.).

For the duration of our heated chat he was my very best friend.

Check out his rig, pretty much as badass of a machine as you can get.  It’s called the Iveco Daily 4X4.  3Liter common rail diesel, 4X4 chassis, air suspension, crazy high ground clearance, fully insulated for winter use, super pimped out interior, solar, countless batteries and gadgets.  Hubert is planning on visiting Mongolia and is awaiting his paperwork and visa.  Jealous doesn’t even remotely describe how I felt when talking with him.

Planning on purchasing one?  The prices START, with very few options at $250,000 (yes..quarter of a million dollars).

Amalia and I are taking our van and heading West to explore a few Bulgarian cities early Sunday morning, can’t wait to live in the van again….even if it’s just for a few days.  If it wasn’t for the kitties we would go for a much longer trip but they’re still too fragile to take along.






Today is our 19 month wedding anniversary.

Also… Amalia has been working on a HUGE European photo project that will more than likely be posted on Flickr.  We have boxes full of photos that still need to be sorted out, organized and dated.

The project will take another month or so.  Ohhhh…we’re also writing a book.

Thank You…


Venice, Italy, PALACE ROOM