Sunset Room!!

Reacton, Reaction, Reaction. We hit up some afterhours action at Victoria’s world famous Sunset Room. It seemed like everyone came out of the woodwork for this gongshow, and a gongshow it was. The place looked amazing, great decorations, great lighting and a huge-ass laser!!! The place was packed, sold out/capacity packed and the vibe was old school. Got to catch up with all my old party mates, poke fun at people and enjoy countless meaningless mingles. The music however was mostly hit and miss, I certainly heard some amazing tracks, but I felt that the selection lacked flow. There was way too much of the currently trendy and very basic techno-type sound and my ears had a hard time differentiating between the tracks. Gone are the days when I would run up to the DJ and ask about the name of the song he was playing and gone are the days when I would be completely lost in a mix. Seems to me that basic/simple sounding and disposable music is the new trend, ohh well!!

I had a blast but there is no doubt in my mind that the golden era of these types of parties has all but dissapeared.

Save On Foods Self Checkout.

If they’re trying to save on staff why won’t they give you a small discount on your purchases when you do everything yourself. The stupid save-on-more card is another fucking scam, it’s only a perception that you’re getting a good deal and don’t even get me started on these bullshit points. Just think about how much it costs to implement a system like that, the computer upgrades, printing multiple prices for each product, the cost of keeping up the database, the stupid catalogs, even the time it takes to scan/ask people to produce these sham clubcards. People are stupid, they don’t realize that the cost of such system is integrated into the crap that they buy.

After shopping at this store weekly and collecting points for over three years the best thing a person can get is a large brick of fake cheddar cheese. Believe me, I did the math.

Fantastic night, holy shit.

The place was packed.

Elementary Particles = Ending Track.

I came down and got what I needed.

my name is evan. i make sounds. rivers of music ancient & delicate flow through me.” = YES

I would like to have this phone pretty please.

The battery on my 8 month old iPhone is now down to just a few hours and needs a couple of charges per day, even under moderate use. The home button needs to be pressed a few times to register and even after doing a complete restore a few weeks ago and re-installing my apps, it’s running slower than ever. I can’t figure it out, the camera is uselessly slow as well. This thing works great with just a few programs installed and a handful of pictures in the camera roll but anything more just turns it into molases. As soon as I sync my contact list and calendar it becomes almost unuseable.

I’ve said this before and the Palm Pre seems to be the only contender to the Jesus phone… the moment.