Just announced.

June 30: Canada Day party

* #18 DJ in the world (DJ Mag 2008)
* Ranked #1 on Beatport Trance sales chart
* Grammy nominated producer (2008)
* Winner “Best Dance Record” (2006 IDMA)
* Winner “Best Trance Producer” & “Best Dance Track” (2004 Trance awards)
* Collaborated with Above & Beyond

Seen him a few times now, can’t wait to see him again….and it’s only $15.

PS. And of course the EXPERIENCE club night continues this Sunday @ Shine with :

DANNY TAYLOR (Ministry of Sound – Taipei)


Windows 7 RC1 was released today.

Burned the ISO, thinking of installing it on some random computer I have lying around. Time to peek in the closet to find something with a dedicated video adapter and at least 2GB RAM. Gonna start the install tonight, apparently it takes no time at all and finally no driver issues. From what I have read, this new product from MS is finally going to take on Windows XP. I hope Vista is forgotten, I never supported it and only installed it on 2 systems when clients insisted on it. Windows XP has been completely and totally bulletproof for me over the last few years, I don’t remember the last time my machine crashed or acted weirdly.

Ohhhh and the RC 1 can be installed and used for free till March of 2010!! Crazy.