All in all pretty disappointed with the the auto show. No hot girls running around, no cool music, no cool advertising stuff you can take home and most of the cars look pretty much the same. It would really take a car buff to be able to differentiate between all the makes. The new Hyundai Genesis looks like the new Camry, the Camry looks like the new 5 series, the A6 looks almost exactly like the BMW and…blah blah boring. At least in the past the Germans had something interesting to offer, Honda had something wacky, Porsche showed off some crazy mock up. $10 bucks well spent though, It was a nice way to spend a Tuesday afternoon.

So so so..I found the yellow Jeep Rubicon , the new Kia Soul, that mile long S600 (this thing is like a spaceship inside) and that **flat black R8** as the coolest looking machines of the show.

Sad I didn’t get to see is the new Turbo or the V8 Genesis.