My prediction.

I am willing to bet anyone right now that if Joel Zimmerman (deadmau5) gets any royalties from the DJs that play his music in Ibiza, he will make the Forbes billionares list this time next year. I am taking even if it is fractions of a cent for everytime they play one of his originals or remixes. In 2010 I can see him surpassing Celine Dion in music sales.

PS. Naturally there is no such thing as ¨The Drum and Bass¨ or ¨The Breaks¨ here, but I tell ya….I would pay top Euro for a DNB show right now!!

Quick update regarding SPACE.

During the 14 hours that the club was open over 27,000 (twenty seven thousand) people attended, nuts. Just spoke with an Ibiza local and apparently the club was hit with a very hefty fine for overselling tickets and overstuffing the club by over %100. Looks like we are going to get our money back forsure.

Elongating the Island experience.

My partner and I have decided to stay another week in Ibiza. We have switched cities and our hotel. We spent the last week in Ibiza Town and today moved north, about 30 kilometers to San Antoni. What an amazing contrast these two places are, where as Ibiza Town was filled with super hot Spanish dudes and gorgeous ladies this place is filled with ugly Brits. I am talking all the British stereotypes are here, the ugly faces, yellow teeth, drunk and on drugs. The cops call the boozed and coked up English folk, and I quote "The Ibiza Disease". Apparently the Brits are the only people that cause shit here, weird. The vibe is quite different as well, as I write this there are people screaming outside, girls arguing, the hotel´s rooftop patio is a circus. Our current place is awesome, not as luxurious as our last but we are right in town, got a nice patio, barely 2 blocks from the sea and a block away from about 20+ clubs, most free to get in….awesome. The countless restaurants around here are either Chinese, sell fries, sausages or fried fish. Reminds me of Paris where the food was all shit. We have a great grocery store around the corner and totally stocked up this afternoon with some really neat food.

Had a good nap, time to hit the clubs.

Ohh man.

The cops here drive the silliest cars, these tiny ass Renaults. Its hard to take them seriously when they pull up next to you in these 1.2 liter, diesel, Lego-Like autos. The dudes are very cool, very professional.