Found a Vietnamese restaurant.

Ive been hooked on Vietnamese soup lately. No clue why. Its just around the corner from our hotel. We just scored a crazy deal, negotiated for another three nights in Brussels. Found a hotel, just down the street from our current one. We got ourselves a one bedroom place with a kitchen and a living room…..on the top floor with a cool view. This place has just been completely rebuilt, the hotel dude told us that we are the 1st people to stay there. Superscore.

Polish grocery store two blocks away, cooking dinner tomorrow. Can things get any better?

Ohhh and Resourceful-Marcie just hooked up an apartment, downtown Paris for next week. A full-on deluxe apartment with all the amenities, including a balcony. DOWNTOWN PARIS………

FU French keyboard.

Freakkin backwards bullshit.

µù$ùµ&”é§(!è!çè!!çàà&çà!锑蔑èàç” <----- this is the home row.


Most places serve a nice breakfast. I ran down to the lobby and built this out of prosciutto and about 4 different cheeses.

The new EU headquarters.

This whole area needs to bee seen in person. The new European Union HQ is quite possibly some of the most stunning modern architecture I have ever seen.


Roamed around for a few hours. Had some Knorr soup and the obligatory pint. Not very lively here, very pretty and mystical. Feet have blisters. Weather is almost too perfect, sunny, hot but breezy. Haven’t seen rain since Victoria. I actually have a semi-tan, more red. Sitting right now on the top floor of the 1st class double decker train. The countryside is spectacular, pretty farms, very green, brick and stone villas. Will be in Brussels in about an hour. Smoking light Marlboros, light means good around here. Everything is great around here, so relaxed and chill.

McRib month I presume.

Euro McTruck. I actually bought a cheeseburger there just to see if it tastes different, it doesnt….same delicious, and complex flavours.


You can find these cusions all over the park. Sit, drink, smoke reefer.

Diesel X3.

These things are everywhere, saw the 2 Liter diesel model in Brussels.

I will work on an Eurocar blog entry, some really neat stuff here. I must have taken more than 80 car pictures.