One more shot from our patio.

Why is everyone who travels either from Canada’s west coast, Australia, England or the US? Pretty much %97 of the people we run into reside in these places. Just walked by the pool bar, the bartender is from Van, the two dudes shwilling his beer live in Burnaby. Comically, a young girl runs up overhearing our conversation and tells me that she lives in freakkin’ Gordon Head. The French looking, French speaking fellow I ran into in Athens is from Montreal, born and raised. Where are the Chinese, don’t they go on holidays?

Europe is SMS crazy.

SMS blah blah number to a blah blah number and for only 2 Euro you can vote for your favourite TV hunk, WTF, who gives a shit? SMS to get a stupid barking dog ringtone for only €1.50. Sign up for a daily cell phone "babe wallpaper" for "only" 99 cents a day. TV seems worse here than in Canada, in addition to countless, back to back car ads, really stupid car ads if I may add, it's all bullshit SMS cell phone garbage. Who would pay €7.99 for a basic pac-man clone that you can barely see on your tiny-ass screen is beyond me. I might get a Tupac hip-hop theme for my iPhone for ONLY €4.99………. riiiiiiight!!!!!!!

It's 5:16 AM.

Been walking for 5 minutes and my back is soaked in sweat. So hot.
Cruising at about 3 hours of sleep, heading to catch the fast ferry to
the Greek island of IOS.


Why you can't order a brick of cheese as an appetizer in Canada is
Greek to me.