Cruising once again.

Our stroke of luck continues. After running out of time and all but
giving up on Mount St. Michel we caught a break. After returning our
car we headed for the train station to catch our Paris train. At the
station we ran into this random couple who overheard us speaking
English and asked us what we were up to. All they really wanted to do
is see Mt. St. Michel. Crazy. Since we still had a few hours till we
needed to be in Paris to catch the sleeper to Barcelona, we agreed to
rent a car again and split the cost. Brilliant, I was stoked. After
getting a little lost we were well on our way down highway A84. The
highways in France are silky smooth, the speed limit 130. The 150
kilometer trip took less than an hour. Our newly met friends were a
very young conservative couple from North Carolina. The accent and
all. They backed McCain, went to church and listened to country.
Even thought I dind’t have too much fun with them, they were awesome
to talk with and very interesting. Both aspiring school teachers. We
cranked some Trance and enjoyed the ride.

Mount St. Michel is a monestary in progress. It’s a little town, with
shops, restaurants and many attractions nestled on top of an Island.
The first structure was built in the 13th century and since then
constantly built up over many generations. We hiked up a million
stairs and even though only had about an hour to explore, completed the
whole tour. Even caught a mass at the monestary. I can’t belive human
beings built a place like this, it’s massive, almost out of this
world. Glad we were able to see this marvel.

Off to Barcelona.

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