Whoa this graph correlates PERFECTLY with “what is the laziest country in Europe”.

Many Bulgarian people still have a hard time understanding that when you sit around all day drinking beer or just stand and complain and lament about “how the government took everything”, “it was better in the Communist times”, “I can’t believe this beer costs almost 1 Euro, that’s robbery” — YOU SOUND LIKE A BUNCH OF LOW IQ UNEDUCATED FUCKING IDIOTS and I am embarrassed for you.

Hey Bulgarians, the modern world is flying right past you…..open your eyes and get off your asses or this whole country will just fuckin’ DIE..and soon.

Ohhhh…start blaming yourselves for once because it’s the people not the government that build a country.

Today’s Discord captcha completely describes my life.

I logged into Discord to get some virtualization tech support today (super technical shit I barely understand). Three guys jumped in to help in about 15 seconds, solved my problem in 20.

People are amazing.

PS. I am setting up a bare metal hypervisor at home just for the fuck of it.

I am still on a on a Canadian news and memories kick.

Vancouver has warm weather in the summer and very mild weather in the “winter”. Outside of the unpleasant rain during the “sad months”, you are rarely complaining about the temperatures. When people here in Bulgaria talk about Canada, they think cold and snow. Vancouver hasn’t gotten snow for a better part of a decade (I experienced it once ages ago). Canada, of course, gets plenty of snow in the undesirable/unlivable areas of the country – we don’t generally talk about those areas or its inhabitants.

Have a look at the photos my lifelong friend Arek took a couple of days of our old neighborhood (he still lives there). This is Vancouver’s West End today, my old fun and party area. If you’re never been, I highly recommend it, it may just change your life.

If you are wondering, a 49 year old snowfall record was broken in the capital.

Outside of the folks who designed/printed it…I am officially the very first “regular person” to own this travel guide.

I have Bulgarian friends in high places and this book is fresh off the presses and arrived by courier early this morning. It is so crazy cool and really eye opening that even after visiting more than 100 cities and villages in Bulgaria over the years we still have 3 lifetimes of exploring to go. After this summer the goal is to stop focusing on flights/other countries because WE ARE GETTING back into the camper (taking the cats), staying within BG borders and trying to visit all of the places in this guide + 10000 more…even it takes months…..AND…


Just like everyone else on this planet, I will be starting a brand new travel and food video blog later this year. It will be my full time project focusing on what’s happening here in Bulgaria, what’s happening in Eastern Europe, history, food (Bulgarian and Amaliafood), campervanning, morning beer drinking, riding our Balkans, local villages, banter and my constant anger at stupid people and the stupid things they do.

I am going to take this seriously.

PS. This book will be used to promote Bulgarian tourism around other European Union countries. THIS MAKES ME SOOOO HAPPY…Bulgaria needs real tourism with real people from all over the world and should stop advertising itself at drunk Brits and poor Russians!!!!