When the kind people at Expedia promised me a hotel "in the middle of
it all", they were not kidding that this place is tops. Just across
the busy highway there is a gorgeous Peugeot car parts factory, to the
left there is an art nuveau farm tractor storage facility, some type
of a modern warehouse graces the view out of our hotel window and just
around the corner, just shy of the railway tracks there is this place.

Remember the Twilight Zone? Nice. Now smoke a big fatty, finish up a
bottle of gin, turn on your black and white TV and put on a classic
episode. Close your eyes now and imagine. This is the place. Right
here. A huge warehouse, a warehouse full of stuff. Mountains of it,
all brand new. It's a store, you buy stuff here. From books to
speedos, from a drill bit to baby toys, sheets of sandpaper OK, need a
2009 calendar, there is a pile. Nothing is organized and you are
simply free to do as you please, everything costs a Euro. Need a new
dress shirt, no problem, hairspray, a sprinkler timer perhaps? There
are no shelves here, no aisles, you just walk all over the stuff and
pick as you please. Fucked up to say the least.

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