Bye bye Paris.

After meeting up with the owner of our Paris condo and getting our
deposit back we hiked down the stairs, jumped in the metro and then
the train to Caen. It was an uneventful 3 hours, we drank some wine
and enjoyed the unusually pretty view out the window. Western France
is picture perfect, rolling hills, farms and very high end looking
villas. The circus started as soon as we arrived. Not knowing where to
go we begin to inquire about directions to our hotel. The guy at the
station had no clue, the lady at the taxi stop told us our hotel is
minutes away and to walk north. We doubted her and looked around for a
second opinion. The 1st bus driver pointed us to bus 6, the lady on
bus 6 told us to catch bus 1, the adamant bystander who overheard the
coversation guided us someplace other. Random young English speaking
girl enters the picture and gives us more contradicting info. Grr. Two
and a half hours later we take matters into our own hands and pretty
much decide to jump on whatever comes our way. Agh, our old friend
bus 6 comes around again, same driver and all. After a brief spat the
young dude driver admits to a mistake and informs us that his route
can bring us within a few kilometers, we could catch a cab from there.
Things are looking up. We cruise for about 30 minutes through suburban
Caen until we reach the end of his route where he lets everyone off
and loops back to the train station. Pretty normal. Hmm. Once the bus
empties he tells us quietly in very broken English to hold up. With
Marcie and I on board, he floors the super modern Volvo monster bus
and flies onto the freeway. After trying to tell us that he is going
to get in shit for this and after navigating some crazy back roads, he
drops us RIGHT in front of our hotel five minutes later. This was a
transit bus, on the clock. Whatta madman.

Our hotel is kind of sucky, its tiny. The bed is great, free Wi/Fi,
and it's clean. It's actually not sucky at all. There is an ultra
modern micro brewery about a 10 minute walk from here and a McDonald's
a few minutes further. Heaven. We have to be up around 6am tomorrow,
renting a car and visiting the d-day beaches and the museums. Very
excited, sad in a way. So much has happened around here. Love to all.

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