Bought a couple of vintage Bulgarian books from an old timer in Bulgaria for about 5$ shipped..

I still don’t understand how shipping works in this country. It’s as high tech and fast as can be (almost always overnight), super computerized and I can pay with my CC…the weirdest thing is the cost. How the heck can they ship 6KG of stuff from the capital 450K away for around $2.30 cents.

So, these computer books are from the 70s and late 80s and cover things like C programming, IBM hardware troubleshooting stuff and I even got a book on super low level assembly language (think embedded systems back in the days). What I found fascinating as I skimmed through them is how English they really have to be be as most of the technology/commands/libraries/compilers (even certain mathematical terms) were developed by engineers from the West. Tossing the pages through a highly technical Bulgarian book in Cyrillic blended with a somewhat familiar (to me) computer jargon is kinda neat.

Imagine a Swedish person learning from an airplane flight manual written in Japanese Kanji. Not the best analogy but you know what the fuck I’m talking about.