I bought myself this mouse yesterday (Logitech T400) and I absolutely love it.

It’s got a glass touchpad thing on top that you can program to perform whatever task you need, it even acts as 2 separate buttons (4 in total).  Software installs automatically and it feels great in my hand.  Super cheap in Canada, too (probably under $20)…it’s freakkin’ expensive here as all electronics are.  I am really trying to only buy computer gadgets with zero moving parts and can’t ever see myself going back to a mechanical scroll wheel.

Ohhh and the Windows 8.1 gesture support is very coooool.

Thank you for reading.



You won’t believe what we did today.

Woke up before noon and set course for our beautiful medieval city of Nesebar.  We decided some time ago to GPS our route meandering through every street and alley of the city and thankfully accomplished our mission this afternoon.  Walked for well over 20 kilometers (took us just over 3 hours), down beaches, dunes, cobblestone paths, parks and city streets.  Unbelievably fun adventure.  Our neighborhood is more vibrant than ever, masses of tourists are starting to arrive from Romania and Russia and the weather is %100 summer.  Hot, very hot.  We already have people on our beach in bathing suits tanning and dipping their feet in the sea (we did). 

Don’t get me started on the restaurants and night clubs that are being completely renovated, new beach bars, parks and fresh places to explore.  Everything seems much cleaner, a lot more organized and civilized this year.  A lot of money is being poured in from the EU, other countries and shady dealings.  Multi million dollar investments in infrastructure (off the beat roads to the small villages are being torn out and replaced, good for the van as the potholes were brutal), new subdivisions and lots and lots and lots of cleaning and garbage removal.  Our 12 kilometers of beach is SPOTLESS, you won’t find a cigarette butt or a bottle cap and the sea is as clear as tap water….and crystal blue if you just look from the right angle. 

This summer will be the best one yet, it’s almost GO TIME!!!