Really unfortunate that this is just the beginning.

It’s going to be cute to see a bunch of Brits doing odd jobs, plumbing, cutting grass and doing construction jobs here in BG (and other Eastern European countries) sometime soon. I am joking a little but I doubt I’m too far off…

“And that’s just direct investments, not even counting the benefit of the unprecedented frictionless trade provided by the Union. They are about to discover, EU’s single market was actually making the UK a lot of money. A lot more than the 7 billion costs of its membership. So the UK just wasted 45 years worth of membership for absolutely nothing. Actually not nothing, losing dozens of FTAs, full access to a 500m people market and its voice over European matters”.

Populism, racism, sheer stupidity and ignorance will soon turn a previous superpower into a footnote of obscurity.

Whoa this graph correlates PERFECTLY with “what is the laziest country in Europe”.

Many Bulgarian people still have a hard time understanding that when you sit around all day drinking beer or just stand and complain and lament about “how the government took everything”, “it was better in the Communist times”, “I can’t believe this beer costs almost 1 Euro, that’s robbery” — YOU SOUND LIKE A BUNCH OF LOW IQ UNEDUCATED FUCKING IDIOTS and I am embarrassed for you.

Hey Bulgarians, the modern world is flying right past you… your eyes and get off your asses or this whole country will just fuckin’ DIE..and soon.

Ohhhh…start blaming yourselves for once because it’s the people not the government that build a country.

Today’s Discord captcha completely describes my life.

I logged into Discord to get some virtualization tech support today (super technical shit I barely understand). Three guys jumped in to help in about 15 seconds, solved my problem in 20.

People are amazing.

PS. I am setting up a bare metal hypervisor at home just for the fuck of it.