4th attempt at installing these Pannier bags is a success.

After watching a few YouTube videos and reading some really boring PDF files they are finally installed. I had to remove a few rear parts on the bike including the seat. The 3 bags have 24 (TWENTY FOUR) different anchor points – from clips to Velcro to rubber ties to hooks. What a fuckin’ pain in the anus.

But they are on, and they don’t obstruct the turn signals and they are super secure. Thank you for reading.

More dumb shit that makes me hate humanity and why forced sterilization should be a “thing”.

Imagine being a fly on the wall when Audi’s executives had to write an apology for this perfectly cool and very normal advertisement for one of their cars.

But, of course, social media “mommies”, and just general idiots just had to voice their diarrheal complains.

More shit I hate below.

OHHH..and Bulgaria (MORE THAN EVER) should be welcoming immigration with open arms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I was reading “Manly Tools” periodical a few weeks back…

…and right on the front cover it said, “if you want to get hot bitches, you better learn how to use a torque wrench and definitely own one in your toolbox arsenal”.

I will be watching YouTube videos on how to operate this monster later this evening. It’s the length of 1/2-arm, pot of delicious Polish bowtie pasta (I am about to mix with warm strawberries and cinnamon) to scale.

Jesus Christ on a cross!!!!

Ordered this kid’s iPad case 74 days ago. It was 33UK Pounds, 10 of it being shopping. Very fair. The seller refunded me 10 Pounds a month ago because of lateness and politely apologized. Amazon refunded the other 20, 2 weeks ago. Now it arrived and they just told me to keep it and not worry about it.

Interesting business model.

PS. The case is great and high quality and most importantly, very versatile. I can probably drop this stupid thing from a 2-story window.

Bike cleaning and especially chain cleaning day today – YAY!!!

The chain lube is so crazy thick and goopy that it not only attracts ALL the road filth, it also gets all over the rim and spokes and makes a huge mess. I decided to remove all the goop from the chain (the Romet chain cleaner is like acid, just dissolves everything, great) and I am will just be using heavy gear oil on the chain from now on. No mess (but you have to apply it a little more frequenter). Thank you for readin’.

Yes, I will be buying a new phone with a good camera….

Humanity will study this piece of shit for decades…

….and hopefully try to figure out how such a monster was elected in a democratic, modern country…I remain ashamed as a person on this planet…

“Manhattan prosecutors on Monday asked a federal judge to dismiss President Donald Trump’s lawsuit challenging a subpoena for his financial records, emphasizing that their investigation extends beyond hush-money payments and pointing to public reports of “extensive and protracted criminal conduct” at the Trump Organization. Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance’s lawyers have previously said the probe is expansive, and on Monday they pointed out that when the subpoena was issued, “there were public allegations of possible criminal activity at Plaintiff’s New York County-based Trump Organization dating back over a decade.”