New pan made especially for cooking on a BBQ. It has Jamie’s face on it so you know it’s expensive.

Joking aside, it’s a super duty pan that will last a lifetime and I bought it brand new from some random lady in Sofia for 10Euros. Shipping was 2 Euro, I don’t understand that.

Super don’t quote me on this but I think at retail (or from his shoppe) this pan costs more than 100Euros. It’s really heavy and I’m happy…and Amalia is happy. BBQ should be here tomorrow.

I generally only share my life’s miliestones with you’all, and this is certainly one of them.

Bezos delivered a new shaver to me today. Did you know when you order products made for ugly babies, the products are generally of better quality/durability and must adhere to slightly higher standards for some reason. This is my new razer designed for ugly babies, it charges through USB (forward and modern), is water and shatterproof. Best motherfuckin’ 15 £ I have ever spent. Thank you for reading this post.

A little drunk this evening having a mayonnaise eating test and taste competition.

We have mayo from different corners of the planet and have to guess the country. We have guessed ALL of them spot on and, as always, the Bulgarian one is disgusting because BG continues to get the food ‘sweepings’ of Europe and doesn’t realize it + nobody gives a shit (as long as they have cigarettes).

Bulgarian mayo tastes like white clumpy oily horse boogers.

Thankfully we know where to get “the good French stuff” which is always the winner.

Crazy awesome news (along with the CRAZY fact that Microsoft is currently working on a new version of FS <<<----- BONKERS).

I am sure all of you have played Gunship on any of the computer platforms of the 80s and 90s. The Commodore 64 version was especially joyful to me. I must have played at least 1500 sorties in this game when I was a teen, tightly clenching my Atari joystick while simultaneously tapping the button to fire FFAR rockets at Russian infantry and BMPs. The 3D graphics and flight controls were truly out of this world. It looks like the original team from Micro Prose is working on a complete re-release of the game in modern form.

This company has quite the pedigree.

PS. I am already shopping on for a HOTAS, but don’t tell Amalia.