Such a limbo-time. Feels like just the edge of summer….just days..just hours away from the craziness.

I had the best Monday lunch. Grilled to order BBQ Ribs and a 100% vegan salad (skipped the cheese, don’t need the calories) and some draft beers (yes, draft beer is finally available).

Flicker and Birdie are doing great, Konik is all smiles, Flower St. remains empty + I met a new cat at “Shrek” (the BBQ place I went to).

I am also listening to podcasts about the importance of napping, I really need to get on board ASAP.

Nothing is stressing me out more than this stupid new iPad.

I am only using it in bed surrounded by 11 pillows and haven’t taken it outside because I am 100% it will fall and crash to the ground then catch of fire. It’s the most expensive stupid thing I have bought in ages and if I crack or break the screen I will jump off my balcony.

I ordered this foam and plastic case for it last week. It’s another super military grade device case for parasites (children). It has a little stand and a pen holder and most of all I love the cute colors.

I already put a glass protector on it plus the back will have a carbon fiber backing.

I promise to post more in a week or two. It will be something exciting to look forward to.

(in case anyone is wondering, I bought the iPad Pro LTE (I got a 25GB mobile plan from Vivacom) with 512GB of space. Purchased the smaller version as it’s more handable for reading PDFs (and cheaper)- which is something I will use it for the mostest). The 12 inch version is actually quite bit.

I installed Jump Desktop remote software ($20) and now have full access to my PC at home (Windows 10 obviously), it’s almost real time. Amazing tech.

The iPad OS is absolutely terrible for anything other than web browsing and media consumption, but holy fucking hell…this thing is fast. Everything is as fast as your eyes can see. The hardware is truly astounding (if you are planning on getting one, buy the pen – also super cool just for fun)

Best news ever!!

My very favorite restaurant in Sunny Beach (or maybe the world) will officially be open on Sundays for the 1st time ever.

I obviously love coming here to sit, eat and read and banter….and cats.

My first lunch here was almost 8 years ago, imagine that.

I took the gypsy van (instead of my bike) grocery shopping for the 2st time in 2020.

Also, 1st time using a shopping cart, also 1st time buying these sardines. PARTY!!!

The gipsy van needs a serious wash and overhaul. The weather is still shitty, once it’s sunny and hot I will take everything apart and clear her with a q-tip and Amalia will repaint/refresh the interior (although inside she still looks really perfect…just needs a tidy-up).

First trip of 2020 will be a huge tour around BG, but that’s still a bit of a dream at the moment. Even though Bulgaria has been incredibly lucky with the Chinese virus bullshit, we are waiting till the country is (somewhat) in the clear……many MANY weeks to go…fingers crossed.

We only have about 130 deaths country-wide and ZERO cases anywhere around us…

Overall I am super proud how everyone (including our government) has handled things. Super, super impressed.