We went to our nudie beach today, that is all.

It’s a section of beach between the sea, the dunes and the little river and it was still very busy today. The sea looks golden blue and it’s still so SHOCKINGLY beautiful here……as always.

I still fuckin’ can’t believe I live here…..this exists right outside of our place.

Everyone loves my bike.

I see crazy fancy BMWs and sportbikes and vintage bikes and super insane machines from all over the world (motorcycling around BG is a big thing, especially for rich Germans and English fellas)…but I can’t leave the house without at least 3-4 people stopping me and wanting a bike-chat….about my 3HP scooter. I love it.

I am not trying to be cool….my bike is peace of shit… it’s funny. I thought I would gravitate to hot chicks looking for beach rides……but it’s only poor middle-aged men holding cigarettes.

I love it.

Of course, the one and only question they ask (Polish style)….how much does it cost? I never answer because I despise that question. I just say “my wife bought it”.

I love my bike.