Did not watch the Monaco race today but, we will be watching F1 live in HU in just about 2 months.

Photo taken this afternoon at a French market in the local village. The food was about 4x more expensive than in Paris. Food, however is 1000000x better quality here (and I am being very conservative with my number) than in Bulgaria and, yes, *far cheaper*. Buying food in Bulgaria at a grocery store is (mostly) like buying food from a garbage can (old, moldy, smelly, basic, expired…dirty…yes, dirty.). Bulgaria has the lowest quality, the bottom of the barrell ‘floor sweepings’ food in Europe (please visit my local supermarket and you won’t believe such places exist in 2019…in the EU). Disgusting is really a pretty accurate word……and nobody in BG seems to give a shit. As long as they have a loaf of cheap white bread (that is completely stripped of any nutrients) a tube of questionable paste and 4 packs of cigarettes most of the population is happy as fuck.

However, there is some good news on the horizon coming from Sofia and we might actually be able to buy real human food imported from other countries then shipped to us on the coast….fingers crossed. I am talking about supermarket food here, not restaurants…..some really great new places to eat in Sofia and Plovdiv as of late.